Typically, an Espetada is a traditional Portuguese dish made of large chunks of beef skewered and served on a hook which hangs vertically from a stand.

There are of course many other variations that have been concocted over the years but after plenty of trial, error and taste-testing, we think we’re onto a winner.

With two different espetadas on our menu, we’ve created both a meat and a seafood version.

From our grill you could have the beef, chicken and chorizo espetada. Chicken and chorizo is a winning combination whatever you put with it, so add in some of our very popular local beef and you’re in for a treat. Or, fancy some seafood? Juicy and fresh scallops with blush pink king prawns and succulent salmon, all served on a skerwer, hung from our home-made espetada stands – our espetada’s are as much a feast for your eyes as they are for your belly.